Holiwill is a small consulting company that provides computer programming and consulting services for users of the unix, Windows, Pick and MSDOS Operating Systems as well as platform independant environments like HTML and Java.

Holiwill's principal programmer is David Rose, although other programmers can be commissioned on a per project basis. As well a this summary and a brilliant photograph, there is a full Resume available. Holiwill started trading in 1991 under the name Fly By Night Programming in 1994 this partnership was converted to a proper company (ACN and all), in the name of Holiwill Pty. Ltd.

Prior to that, David was employed as a programmer by the Ultimate Corporation in their R&D facility in Irvine, California for 3 years. During this time he was responsible for the development of the following pieces of the Ultimate Operating System :-

  • TCL Stacker incorporating case insensitivity
  • Extensions to the BASIC programming language including BASIC debugger
  • Level pushing
  • TCL-PROMPT command
  • FILE-SAVE enhancements
  • David was also responsible for the resolution of over 300 bugs during this time, in such diverse areas as BASIC, BISYNC, terminal input/output, save, restore and system utilities.

    David was trained in unix programming, internals and performance whilst in the USA and was involved in the design discussions for UltPlus (Ultimate's Pick under unix).

    David was retrenched while Ultimate was experiencing financial difficulty in the USA during the later part of 1991 and formed Holiwill to provide programming and consulting services to the unix, Pick and MSDOS markets.

    Since it's inception Holiwill has been involved in the following major projects :-

  • Wyse-50 Terminal Emulator for MSDOS
  • Keyword supplier/product lookup under MSDOS
  • Electronic White Pages for Pick and Pick-like systems
  • Various Links between Voice Response and Data Base Systems
  • Communications library for VAX/VMS and Credit Card Terminals
  • Tyre grading and control system on an RS/6000 under AIX
  • 3GL API for a Windows based terminal emulator
  • GUI report writer and report formatter
  • IVR System for a US Probation Office
  • Harness Racing Timing System for OMEGA Timing Systems
  • Installation and Administration of a number of Internet Service Providers
  • Design and Project Management of the Police and Nurses Credit Society web site
  • Development of the Hewlett Packard Rewards web site
  • Development of an IDE for Splat Controls
  • Development of the TI Data Systems for Technical Indexes

  • Holiwill has over 20 years of experience in such diverse software and hardware as :-

      o AT&T SysV unix   o AIX               o SCO Xenix & unix  o Linux
      o Ultimate Pick    o R83 Pick          o Advanced Pick     o A/Revelation
      o MSDOS            o Windows 3.1       o Workgroups        o Windows 95/98/2000
      * Intel 80x86 Based Systems            * Motorala 6800 and 68000
      * IBM Risc System 6000                 * Numerous Pick Based Systems

    Holiwill can provide the following services :-

  • Programming in BASIC (Visual and Pick), C, Java, ASSEMBLER, etc.
  • Design of both character and GUI based applications
  • Software bridges between differing computing platforms
  • Consulting in unix, Pick and MSDOS Operating Systems
  • Consulting on performance of existing and future computing requirements
  • Holiwill specialises in doing the job right the first time. If you have any computer requirements, do not hesitate to phone us on +61 3 9700-7975 or +61 400892413 or e-mail us at info-at-holiwill.com.au to see what Holiwill can do for you.

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